About Us


Envichem, Inc. began manufacturing detergents in Brooklyn, NY in 1975. From its humble beginnings, the company grew and prospered in the Jersey City, NJ location until June 2002. Today, home is a newly equipped, 100,000 square foot, modern facility in South River, NJ. Envichem, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer, producing a complete line of industrial watertreatment products, including cleaner, Scale inhibitor, Coagulation/flocculation etc. We offer :

  • Technical support
  • Complete customer service that does not end after you place your order
  • Fully equipped laboratory services
  • Custom designed packaging
  • Unique handling systems
  • Product availability
  • Our highly trained technical staff will custom synthesize a product to meet any unique requirement.
  • Our products are sold and used throughout the world.
  • Envichem, Inc. is synonymous with excellence. We are dedicated to providing our customers outstanding service in everything we do.
  • We will deliver the right system, the correct product in the appropriate package at the proper time, every time, to fit every need.
  • Quality is not the only thing; it is Everything!

Our Mission

The goal of Envichem, Inc. is to provide the highest quality of products to our customers, manufactured and delivered in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible atmosphere. Personal health and safety of our employees, customers, and local and world community are of utmost importance to us. Environmental harmony and prevention of work related accidents or injuries will be given priority over operating productivity. The management of Envichem, Inc. will facilitate personal health and safety and environmental responsibility.

Envichem, Inc. will enable and maintain safety and health programs, along with environmental preservation programs. These programs will embody the proper attitudes toward health, safety and the environment by Envichem, Inc. and all its employees. Through everyone's cooperation, successful programs in the best interest of all will be maintained and preserved.

Our commitment to our employees, customers and community is paramount. Together we can achieve and surpass our pledge to excellence.