ENVI-DF series is suitable for bio-treatment of Landfill leachate. It can reduce the surface tension of gas-liquid interface quickly, defoam quickly and restrain foam for a long time. It can effectively prevent the overflow of Landfill leachate. It is easy to disperse in water and has no chemical reaction with the membrane.

  • Quickly reduce the surface tension of gas-liquid interface, fast defoaming and long anti foaming time, effectively prevent the overflow of Landfill leachate.  
  • Less dosage, the dosage is 500ppm-1000ppm;
  • Without silicon, easy to disperse in water and not react with the membrane.
  • Strong stability, acid resistance and high temperature resistance
  • Nontoxic, non corrosive, and no adverse effects on the membrane.


colorless or light yellow viscous liquid

Effective concentration



completely dissolved in water



Freeze point


ENVI-DF100 is a new type of modified polyether defoamer, mainly composed of special organic compounds and propylene oxide and ethylene oxide. It can effectively destroy, eliminate foam and inhibit the production of foam for a long time, so as to control the liquid level of the aeration tank, prevent the overflow of landfill leachate, there is no effect on membranes.
Add point: add to the aeration pool;
Adding method: intermittent impact dosing or continuous dosing through metering pump.
Dosage: when foaming overflow occurs in the aeration tank, 500-1000ppm should be added in one-off impact. However, the actual dosage should be based on the composition of the foaming,  according to the actual situation.
Frequency of dosing: the frequency of dosing depends on the bubbling of the absorption tower, not require regular dosing.

1、ENVY-DF100 is packed with 25Kg plastic drums.
2、Store in a cool and dry place, avoid drying and rain
3、Shelf life two years.